Flower box, Bianco Cararra, marmor

20 x 20 x 20 cm boxes and larger have only 4 vertical sides

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Natural rock is in the figurative sense “born” to please the human eye with its beauty. For this reason, stone products are very popular around the world. Rock has always been considered as a special resource by artists, from which they created various sculptures and forms. On one hand, this was intended to show that rock mass can be used in artistic areas. Rock can be processed in ways to give it a soft, tender, robust or even a mystical look depending on what is needed.

On the other hand, rock has been used and processed since ancient times for various areas, which is still the case today. The two areas differ only in the fact that rock has been mostly used, because it was the only material whose properties were useful for specific tasks. Today however, unlike mass-produced synthetic materials, rock is one of the few natural materials.

In addition to marble, granite, sandstone and limestone Onix is also used in the decorative area, which is in the raw state in the middle price range.

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